Rain, Rain Go Away

Philosophers state that you learn from your mistakes.  Charlie Brown stated that if you learn from your mistakes, that makes me the most perfect person in the world.  I can’t be too far behind Charlie Brown.

Last week (Tuesday, 19th May 2009) I walked in the rain without a rain jacket – both to and from work.  Obviously wet when I got home, ironically I had to have another shower.  The following day, I didn’t learn my lesson, I did it again.  This time, I did it with some variation. I did manage to wear a rain jacket, but it wasn’t strong enough to keep the rain off me as the rain seemed to seep through the zip.  To emphasize further that I wasn’t going to be dry, when I sought cover, I sought it under the perforation of tree branches out of some stupid habit I acquired.  Habitually, I had another shower when I got home.

On Thursday, 21st May 2009, I managed to avoid the rain completely, despite my walks.  I was quite pleased with my… err… ‘achievement’.  Although, in the evening I had to take the clothes in, and yes, I got wet again.  In ten bloody seconds I was drowned.  I guess water is in my blood.  Literally.


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