Death of the Editor

Editing seems to be a dying job, as looking through newspapers spelling mistakes are a plentiful commodity.

George Lee in his campaign has fallen in to this trap, although it didn’t stop him being elected (nor should it). The leaflet for the Fine Gael candidate has shown a few spelling mistakes, Government with capital ‘g’ and small ‘g’. The Sunday Times suggested that George Lee won the Belfast election. Regrettably, the paper has since fixed this mistake.

One of my favourite, if you can call it favourite spelling mistakes reminds me of a Charles Schulz Peanuts strip as Charlie Brown’s head is down, hard at writing. He stops to scratch his head, asks his mother if there are one or two g’s in goggles. ‘Two’ she replied in the Peanut trademark of adults in absentia. Charlie Brown takes up his pen and writes G-G-O-G-L-E-S. Charles Schulz’s funny sketch, amongst many, may have a bearing on reality as spelling is as rare as spotting a Tasmanian tiger in Ireland. Recently I was walking near a building site in Dublin city when I spotted this sign.

No Tresspasing

I can only presume the sign-maker asked his mother how many s’s are there in trespassing. And yes, you do have a job opening, at least in editing or sign making.


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