…On Writing

A book should depict a landscape of heavenly souls in a dreamscape; a mysterious beauty that’s clear and foggy.

It should be clear in the sense that I see the sun shining in the Maldives, Spain or Italy as it highlights the clean clarity of the sand. …And the sun shone sea; a clear deep beautiful blue that the sun also permeates so you can see the sea swishing waves and the sand happily glancing in the bottom of the sea as the sky is blue and that God sends his smile to show that nature is beautiful and happy.

I hear the sparrows, robins and thrushes; the songbirds whistling about their happiness and their love of life and for their love of their lives. I hear the waves swishing gently towards the shore; and also the gulls; to some they are cacophonous, but to me there is a beauty to its song, because they are associates of the sea and I want to be there; to escape there and be with them.

But there’s more to that then the cover of the book or indeed its pages; it should also be foggy for the above reasons; we want to lie on the sand sunning ourselves and worshipping the god; that is the book. We want to hear those waves, hear those birds; their clarity, their cleanliness takes us away to another dimension to heaven to within the pages of the book.

We want to let our sun-kissed bodies dive into the blue sea not knowing what’s in the fathomous depths of the blue yonder; the blue that is the sky and the blue that is the sea; we don’t know where it ends, or where it begins.

This is so strange; the sea and sky are so clear, but its clarity is also foggy. We want to ask ourselves ‘why does it contradict itself?’ That’s what makes it so beautiful and mysterious; I want to dive into the sea of the book and find what mysteries it has for me.


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