Introduction of Google Chrome

The world is goggle eyed with Google.  Talks of Twitter being googled and now Google is to launch a new operating system in ‘an attempt to re-think what operating systems should be’ and is due to be available to consumers in 2010. 

Why am I talking about an operating system on an Irish Media blog?  Well the power of Google has seen it be the top internet search engine, buy Youtube, and be dominant in any field it wants.  Hell, Google could open a typewriter factory, and people will start buying typewriters again.   

I like the fact that the system will be Open Source but it could threaten the lesser used OS’s such as Apple and Linux.  The Apple OS has long been the standard of computing for media (hence the link) be it design or film editing.  Google’s compatibility with software is yet to be questioned.  When Google puts itself into the OS market, will it break into Microsoft’s dominance, or could it also damage Linux, Apple, etc.


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