Children’s authors threaten UK school boycott

Alison Flood of The Guardian reports that children’s authors are threatening to boycott visiting schools as the UK Independent Safeguard Authority proposes that people who work with children are to be vetted as part of a new scheme. 

Anthony Browne, the UK’s children’s laureate stated authors should not expect special treatment, although adds that it ‘is  a bit odd that we (the authors) have to pay for it, though.’

The service will charge £64 (€75) fee to register on the national database.  Philip Pullman, writer of His Dark Materials trilogy, describes the scheme as ‘outrageous, demeaning and insulting’ noting that anyone who come in contact with children is insinuated to be ‘up to no good’ and that the natural relationship between ‘one human and another is predatory’ and encourages children to believe ‘no adult will ever approach them other than to prey on them or do any harm.’


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