Making Movies for €52

I see that on rté.ie that a Marc Price from London has managed to make a movie for STG45 (€52).  Price wrote, directed and produced ‘Colin’, a zombie movie and shot in on a camcorder. 

What’s more surprising is that the film is going to get a cinema release as Kaleidoscope Entertainment have snapped it up for its release set to be on Halloween.  Irish writers, directors and producers, take note, this is what we’ll need to do in future especially as An Bórd Snip wants rid of the Irish Film Board.


One thought on “Making Movies for €52”

  1. As an obvious lover of Irish related film we thought we’d give you our latest news …

    British Feature Fiction Film ‘BILLY & LILLY GO TO NEW YORK’ will have its World Première at the WATERFORD FILM FESTIVAL. The film is made by critically acclaimed maverick director Bill Maloney (LUNATIC) The film is shot in a realistic documentary style but it is a spoof. Bill playing himself (a cockney –speaking Irishman) goes to New York to represent his nominated feature film at a NY Film Festival but he decides to bypass the festival glitz in favour of shooting a documentary about the homeless people of NY. Their efforts lead to a tragic close.

    It would be great to see you at the Festival if you can make it – or tell your friends who live nearby?

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