RTÉ .v. Afri Advert

RTÉ denies censorship of the Afri advert due to a ‘Rossport reference.’ Afri have accused RTÉ of censorship as an attempt to publicise the event. 98FM aired the ad. Midwest Radio declined to air the ad as it had to consult the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) on a reference to the Rossport Five.

A spokesperson for RTÉ stated that it had asked Afri to clear the ad with the BCI under the 1988 Radio and Television Act, as RTÉ had referred previous ads under this ruling.

I have to say I haven’t heard the ad, but, some are sensitive these days.

(PS I had a sinister smile when I blackled ‘Midwest Radio’ the first result was http://www.midwestradio.ie/MWR/index.php?page=death-notices).


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