The Irish Wins at the Emmy’s

There are two reasons why the McCarthy Report should not be adhered to in relation to cutting funding in the Arts – Brendan Gleeson and Dearbhla Walsh.

Both Gleeson and Walsh won Emmy’s on Sunday night, 20th September, 2009. Gleeson won an Emmy for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Into The Storm, whilst Walsh was awarded an Emmy for her direction in Little Dorrit. Martin Cullen, the Irish minister for Arts, Sports and Tourism congratulated both stating that ‘Brendan is one of our finest actors and Dearbhla one of our most accomplished directors’. Importantly, he noted that Irish artistic talent garners a positive response internationally. Now if only our politicians can do the same.

Smoking drivers…

Walking in the rain, as I am accustomed to, a car pulled over. Quietly happy, I thought it was a neighbour. It wasn’t, a male driver in his thirties, his partner, and two children in the back seat.

Whilst I was drowning and standing like an eejit, I felt like I wanted to join the rest of the rain down the sewer. The driver asked for ‘a light’. As I didn’t smoke, I said I didn’t have a light. Come to think of it, if I did smoke, I think I probably still would have said no.

As they pulled away, a thought struck me – how desperate does a driver have to be to ask a pedestrian, a rain-sodden one at that, to ask for a light? Even more scary, does the driver pull over at every opportune moment to ask a pedestrian, rain-sodden or not, for ‘a light’. The mind boggles.