Smoking drivers…

Walking in the rain, as I am accustomed to, a car pulled over. Quietly happy, I thought it was a neighbour. It wasn’t, a male driver in his thirties, his partner, and two children in the back seat.

Whilst I was drowning and standing like an eejit, I felt like I wanted to join the rest of the rain down the sewer. The driver asked for ‘a light’. As I didn’t smoke, I said I didn’t have a light. Come to think of it, if I did smoke, I think I probably still would have said no.

As they pulled away, a thought struck me – how desperate does a driver have to be to ask a pedestrian, a rain-sodden one at that, to ask for a light? Even more scary, does the driver pull over at every opportune moment to ask a pedestrian, rain-sodden or not, for ‘a light’. The mind boggles.


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