The Simpsons – An Irish Allegory

‘The Simpsons’Homer the Smithers

Smithers blames himself for neglecting Monty Burns due to Lenny’s over-boisterous drunkenness leaving Monty Burns in a sociophobic state in his limousine.  As a result, Monty Burns forces Smithers to take a vacation.  Smithers hires the most incompetent employee he could find in the Springfield power plant – Homer Simpson – to show Mr. Burns that Smithers is needed.

Homer’s willingness to help Monty Burns is a hindrance, as he continually botches his ‘home-help’ job.  Monty Burns thus becomes more self-sufficient to stem the Homeric disease.  Smithers returns hoping to find a disgruntled Monty Burns, unfortunately finding a fitter version of his mentor.

This episode up to this point allegorizes Ireland as Monty Burns, a decrepit nation forced into self-sufficiency due to a holidaying Smithers – The Minister for Stefan Dennis lookalikes, Noel Dempsey.  Admittedly the Irish nation didn’t force Noel Dempsey on holiday, although that may not be a bad idea, as it suggests that Noel Dempsey may not be needed anymore.  I guess in my surmising that the allegory for John Gormley is Homer Simpson.  Perish the thought!