…On Writing

As usual, I draw my eyes to an empty page contemplating my next big hit. Wondering where to start is always the problem for me as the pile of scrunched up paper in the bin will testify. I’ll take that out later (which reminds me slightly of my writing of late).

Writing is only difficult when you don’t do it. Therefore, it’s important to write no matter how banal or how bad you think it is. Hopefully other writers will confirm this. The bin I just pointed to contains two unpublished books and a screenplay. Even though I finished them, I wasn’t happy with them so I parked them in my own slush pile.

Does it matter? It does, but have to tell myself it doesn’t. Writing them was what mattered. Even though they’re binned I made the effort, I tell myself. All is not lost. I may come back to them someday – may.

A lack of confidence keeps you away from pen and paper, but confidence can only be gained by picking pen and paper up to write. Once I finish a section, I pat myself on the back. I have to. Writers like me are notoriously insecure.

Right now, I need to get back to that empty page.