London 2012 – The Cycling Road Race

It has to be said in the cycling, ‘Team GB’ totally misread the race.  The excuse of ‘the rest of the world seem to be against us’ merits a kick in Team GB’s cyclists’ balls. Of course they are, it’s a bloody cycling race you stupid eejits.

When you are in front of the peloton, you control it. You must keep an eye on potential breaks. But when you allow twenty-five cyclists ahead, and those of the calibre of Cancellara, Vinokurov, Van Garderen, O’Grady the entire Spanish team and others, you must bare responsibility.

Logic should state that a team that controls the front should not allow more than ten cyclists go ahead.  Logic also states the eleventh rider who tries to break should be treated as a pacemaker.  Team GB made vital mistakes in the cycling.  And if I were British, I would be angry with their complacency.  Unfortunately, they got what they deserved as they never controlled the race.