Into the Storm

I recorded Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s biopic of Winston Churchill, Into the Storm on BBC1, and managed to watch it recently.

Whilst Brendan Gleeson was faultless as Churchill, it was a pity that the drama didn’t offer anything new about Churchill.  The continuity editing did also appear lacking making it feel like a sketch show.  That is me being a bit picky, but I have to say, I did enjoy it and it was a wonderful drama.

The Irish Wins at the Emmy’s

There are two reasons why the McCarthy Report should not be adhered to in relation to cutting funding in the Arts – Brendan Gleeson and Dearbhla Walsh.

Both Gleeson and Walsh won Emmy’s on Sunday night, 20th September, 2009. Gleeson won an Emmy for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Into The Storm, whilst Walsh was awarded an Emmy for her direction in Little Dorrit. Martin Cullen, the Irish minister for Arts, Sports and Tourism congratulated both stating that ‘Brendan is one of our finest actors and Dearbhla one of our most accomplished directors’. Importantly, he noted that Irish artistic talent garners a positive response internationally. Now if only our politicians can do the same.