Christmas Co-op

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‘We’re out of ice,’ one guy says then turns to his housemate. ‘How can we have a party without ice?’ prompting his housemate to purchase ice from the local Co-op store whilst negotiating the hazardous icy path.

As he goes to the shop, he notices an elderly neighbour opening his front door. The neighbour looks out and decides that it’s better to stay in.

At the shops, the housemate makes numerous purchases, as well as the all important ice, and walks home.

What happens next is quite touching. He leaves a shopping bag outside his elderly neighbour’s house, knocks on the door, and walks home.

I’m not nor ever have I been a lover of Christmas, but this simple yet beautiful ad made me think there should be more of a campaign to make sure your elderly neighbours are looked after well this Christmas. Even if there isn’t a broader campaign of care for elderly or infirmed neighbours, make sure they’re looked after this Christmas. And not just to look after them for Christmas.