PwC – w = Non-PC

I don’t think the actions of the PwC employees were initially about the feminist agenda per se. It was the manner by which the media reported the actions that really peed me off, and yes, because of this the Feminist agenda was brought to the forefront!

Because PwC fowled up showing pictures, it is more disgraceful to see these pictures posted on websites and other media. As a result, this compounded the story. It is ironic and highly insulting to the women in question and invited a new audience to participate in the foul competition.

No one, men nor women, are a piece of meat, and wonder why pictures of the men involved weren’t shown as they were the guilty parties, not the victims, whose privacy was incidently compromised (this doesn’t happen in a rape trial case). I do feel that these women are forced to ‘laugh at themselves’ in order not to embarrass PwC further. What happened was wrong from the very beginning – from the PwC score sheets onwards. It shouldn’t happen to a woman or a man. I am a man, but one who favours equal rights!

NB I encourage you to read Eleanor Fitzsimon’s post on The Anti-Room, ‘Life in the Testosterone Zone’