Twitter, It’s Not You, It’s Me.

When I first joined Twitter, I did not know what to make of it.  I followed people left, right and centre.  Metaphorically and politically.  I posted the odd message and replied the odd time.  Then I was about to dump it.  That was before there was a debate about the quality of Irish television.  After that, I was addicted.

Now comes the difficult part.  Because Twitter uses follow quotas, it did not make sense, to me, to follow people willy-nilly.  Rather than follow any Joe Soap, I changed tack.  The best value I could get from Twitter was to engage with Irish people – a lot of whom were people in TV and Media.  It was what I was studying.  It made sense.  I now follow and engage with people I find useful.

It also means I do follow people who don’t follow back.  Their opinions are interesting to me, so my follow:followers ratio is around 9:8.  Therefore, every so often, I pare down my followers.   It’s a difficult job as I’m doing it manually now as Twitcleaner has retired.  Unfortunately.  It was the least intrusive of the Twitter ‘following’ apps.  (I am not a fan of the apps that tweet a report of your apps each week).   I started to unfollow people I don’t engage with.  It is not a personal thing.  I am just not an automatic follow-back person any more.  To me, Twitter is more important than that, it is how you engage with people and how people engage with you.

It’s not you, it’s me.  Okay.  It is a little bit of you, but it’s me too.