Andre Agassi Admits to Crystal Meth

André Agassi has admitted to taking crystal meth in what seems to be a cynical attempt of selling his autobiography Open: An Autobiography.

It seems to be a growing trend that the author must state a controversial activity that occurred during their life.  Unfortunately, it would probably help Agassi sell books.  In retrospect, perhaps the ATP should call his titles into question, whilst bookshops pull the book from its shelves as it would be wrong to promote a sportsman’s drug life.

Offering Copyright and Editing Services

I recorded something on TV3 on Friday, I thought. 

On the ad break I noticed an advertisement for one show written exactly as follows:

‘2. How to conrol the kids’

Yes, it forgot the ‘t’.  In the space of 2 minutes, TV3 advertised a programme for the following day, as: ‘Tomorrow’s Tuesday, so on the programme we have…’  Both of these had me a bit annoyed.  I think I’m going to offer editing and copyrighting services in future.