Deep Sea Threading

I did a bit of deep sea threading and decided to hunt to see where my name was on the Interweb and found something quite interesting.  Apparently, according to , I have appeared on ‘Tonight with Vincent Browne’.  I didn’t know that:

My appearance on Vincent Brown, allegedly

A Lily with a Prosthetic Stem

Three weeks ago, when we bought fresh lilies a bud fell off a weak stem.  I placed it in a small vase where the poor bud looked alone and neglected.  I decided to conduct an experiment when I tweeted:


My experiment was to create a prosthetic stem using a straw (it had to be green) as an outer stem, and tightly rolled kitchen paper as its vascular system.  This was to try to allow the lily to absorb the water by osmosis.  Now I have uploaded the pictures from my camera, here is the result:


No longer an ugly duckling.